New Volunteers

Part One – Online Tax Preparation Training Sessions:

This online course is delivered over three sessions, each three to four hours in length. In these online sessions, you will learn the foundations of tax preparation for low and moderate income taxpayers, as well as become trained on our tax software. Prior to the first class, you will be sent key publications and other training resources that will be referred to in-class.

Part Two – Software Practice and General Q & A:

After class, complete assigned practice scenarios (you will be given remote access to our tax training software), and attend any optional online Q & A sessions that you feel you need.

Part Three – IRS Certification Exam

After successfully completing Parts One and Two online, you will be given instructions on how to complete the IRS Basic Certification Exam. The Exam will be taken online and is not timed.

Returning Volunteers

After registering, Returning Volunteers will be sent training and certification options via e-mail. Additionally, returning volunteers can utilize any of the training resources listed above.


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