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Do You Qualify?

If you worked in 2014 and earned less than $53,000, we invite you to come to one of our neighborhood tax preparation sites to have your taxes prepared and filed for free…

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Volunteer Positions

There are three types of volunteer positions: Tax Preparers, Financial Guides, and Floor Coordinators. Each position has its own commitment and training requirements…

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2015 Tax Sites

The Boston Tax Help Coalition offers free tax preparation and filing in 14 neighborhoods at 27 different locations. Some sites also offer financial guide check-ups. Find a tax site near you…

Interested in volunteering for the 2015 tax season?

Sign up today to provide free tax assistance to Boston residents.

Sign Up!

As a lifelong resident of Roxbury, I have always been deeply committed to giving back to my community. Volunteering at the Roxbury Resource Center is extremely rewarding. The smiles and thank yous from the taxpayers are priceless! Seeing taxpayers return year after year is not only an indication of the exemplary service provided at the RRC but also of the impact that the free tax prep has in the community.

— Volunteer

As a Tax Preparer in the program, I get to enjoy the relationship with the taxpayers who value the service provided, with the volunteers who are helpful people of goodwill, and with everybody I meet through the program. Also, there is a rare political consensus that the EITC program is important for social justice. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a volunteer.

— Tax Preparer
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