Don’t have a smartphone or a way to scan documents?

No problem! Set up an appointment for an intake phone call. A Boston Tax Help preparer will call you to begin the intake process, and will help you set up a scheduled drop-off at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment. Be sure to review the documents that you might need.

Get Started with Scheduled Drop-off Tax Prep at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment

Do you prefer a different location?

Some of Boston’s other tax sites will also be open for scheduled drop-off services. Check out the other tax sites on our map, and click the link at a convenient location to get started.

Virtual Tax Prep

Do you have:

  • a smartphone you can take and send photos with, or
  • a computer with access to a scanner? 

There are free resources available to file your taxes from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Virtual Tax Prep

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