We would like to take a minute to recognize our partners that make tax preparation and financial services possible every year:

 City of Boston Seal_Black AI Boston Tax Help is the largest program of the Mayor’s Office of Financial Empowerment and is also part of the Boston’s Office of Workplace Development. 
AQmQXB11_400x400 1199 Service Employees International Union is one of Massachusetts fastest growing service unions with 11,000 health care employees from Boston to Cape Cod to Pittsfield. Their mission is to improve the lives of working people and their families and lead the way to a more just and humane society.
ABCD-Main-Logo-2 Action for Boston Community Development ABCD, Inc. is a private non-profit human services agency providing opportunities for upward mobility to hundreds of thousands of Boston residents through innovative, quality programs & services since 1962.
Print American Consumer Credit Counseling has provided Boston Tax Help with volunteer credit advisors and with funds to support our credit advising program.
 bank-of-america Bank of America provides Boston Tax Help with volunteers.
 blue hills bank_logo Blue Hills Bank is a funder and supporter who is interested in human services, affordable housing and community development, and the arts and education where its funding will yield significant results within the community
The Cabot Family Charitable Trust is a funder. The Cabot family shares a multi-generational belief in looking for ways to make the world a better place, particularly focusing on the areas of arts and culture, education and youth development, environment and conservation, health and human services, and for civic and public benefit.
 2014-11-13_1054 Boston Cares serves as a resource for volunteers throughout the city of Boston and has regularly provided Boston Tax Help with a significant portion of our tax season volunteer complement.
Boston-Foundation-Logo-1024x362 The Boston Foundation is a long-time funder and supports the Coalition Disability Initiative which is an expanded integration of taxpayers with disabilities and their communities into all aspects of the free tax and asset building campaign.
 BHALogo4-2 The Boston Housing Authority houses approximately 10 percent of the city’s residents through its programs. The BHA also provides affordable housing through the administration of several rental assistance programs.
 bpb-logo-corporate-blue-2 The Boston Private Bank and Trust Company is a funder who believes in the methodology of better assisting lower income people and families through community development, economic development, asset building and financial education.
1409190862638 Clowes Fund, Inc. is a funder. It is a family foundation established in 1952 in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a mission to enhance the common good by encouraging organizations and projects that help to build a just and equitable society, create opportunities for initiative, foster creativity and the growth of knowledge, and promote appreciation of the natural environment.
2014-11-13_1054_001 Dotwell serves as a resource for improving the physical, mental and social well being of the community. Dotwell maintains two tax sites, Codman Square Tech Center and Dorchester House.
Eastern-Bank logo Eastern Bank is a funder and supporter. As a member of the FDIC Money Smart Alliance, Eastern Bank supports financial literacy – the ability to save, budget, spend wisely and invest – in the communities it serves.
 fdic-2 The FDIC, created by Congress in 1933, supervises banks, insures deposits up to $100,000 and helps maintain a stable and sound banking system.
 2014-11-13_1056 The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is a funder. As a part of the nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank promotes sound growth and financial stability in New England and the nation.
goodwill-logo1-2 Goodwill Industries enhances the quality and dignity of life for individuals, families, and communities on a global basis, through the power of work, by eliminating barriers to opportunity for people with special needs, and by facilitating empowerment, self-help, and service through dedicated, autonomous local organizations.
 2014-11-13_1143 Greater Boston Legal Services is a Boston Tax Help Coalition legal partner.
Greater_Boston_Chamber_of_Commerce_logo-2 The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce provides Boston Tax Help with corporate recruitment and support. Paul Guzzi, the CEO of the Chamber, supports the Mayor’s effort to maximize the Earned Income Tax Credit.
 irs-logo-2 The IRS-SPEC office is committed to serving the low to moderate income, disabled, and non-English speaking taxpayers of Boston by supporting free tax preparation sites, volunteer training, and tax education/awareness campaigns through trusted community partners. The IRS is a funding partner.
  Jewish Vocational Service has been an innovative leader providing unparalleled workforce development services to the Greater Boston community for over 60 years, cultivating strong relationships with clients and employers and achieving an excellent track record of results.
 9fBQJFid-3 The Boston Public Health Commission’s Mayor’s Health Line is the oldest operating information and referral line in the state, connecting consumers with the health care they need.
logo_banco_santander-2 Santander Bank is a funder and supporter, opening bank accounts at the tax sites.
upload-2710567438969112495-2 State Street Bank has been a generous funder who shares the same mission with the Coalition – to help equip less-advantaged citizens with the skills they need to succeed and increase the economic well-being of our communities; it is also a supporter who provides the Coalition with experienced and finance-background volunteers.