Financial Check-up Program


A Financial Guide facilitates the Financial Check-up Program. This was a pilot program last year at Roxbury Resource center and will be expanded this year to all tax sites that provide credit advising.

Sites that are in need of Financial Guide volunteers are: Allston Brighton APAC Child & Family Service Center, Roxbury Resource Center, Dorchester House, and Codman Square Tech Center, Urban Edge, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center and some ABCD sites (specific sites are to be determined).

As a Financial Guide, you will not only analyze taxpayers' credit reports; you will also be involved with the tax site intake process, screen for other asset building services and provide referrals. This added time with the taxpayer will:

1. screen out ineligible clients
2. reduce the number of tax returns started that can't be completed
3. increase the number of credit reports analyzed
4. provide the taxpayer with referrals tailored for their individual situations

Financial Guide training will be in two parts, with attendance in part I being mandatory for part II. If you have been previously trained in Credit Advising and are comfortable with your skill level, you may skip Part II.

For those interested in volunteering, a half-day credit advising training will be held in early January. Volunteers will be asked to work 4 hours a week between late January and April 15th.

If you are interested in serving as a Financial Guide, please register here and contact Joanne Evans for more information.

For more information about credit scores click here to read about how the credit score system works and how long it takes to repair your credit, as well as other credit advising issues.